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Regina Professional Driving School is an SGI Certified Driving School in Regina


Regina Professional Driving School is an SGI Certified Driving School in Regina. We offer high school and commercial driver training (6 hours in-class and 6 hours in-car instruction) within Regina and the surrounding areas. After the completion of the course, we give a 6 and 6 Certificate.
We aim to become the most mindful defensive drivers. Our goal is to safeguard ourselves and others and also save both time and cash. Please keep reading for more information about us.
We are working as a best Driving school for parallel parking in Regina. Three consecutively Consumer Choice Award winners for the period 2020-22.
Six consecutive years' Award winner for 2016-22 of the top-rated driving school. The top driving school in Regina.
We are confident of our teaching abilities and high achievement rate. Most learners pass our Road test on their first try.


150 Angus Road, Regina, SK S4R3L5, Canada


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Regina Professional Driving School will assist you in developing and maintaining essential defensive driving habits. You'll develop the skills and confidence to drive in any traffic situation safely. We will teach you defensive driving skills in a safe setting. Our instructor drivers are well-known for their patience and the highest quality of teaching. They assist, help, and build confidence in students, which is why our students are able to pass their road test with a success rate that is of the highest standard.
Regina Professional Driving School provides driving lessons 6X6 and also re-testing classes for the Road test. We offer a payment plan for students facing financial issues. So, if you're looking to learn driving from the beginning or to prepare for a road test, call us today, and we'll schedule you immediately.

Why You Should Join Regina Professional Driving School?

Regina Professional Driving School offers the best driving lessons throughout Regina and the surrounding communities. Our Driving School for Class 5, located in Regina, is recognized by SGI as well as providing the required six-by-6 class 5 Driver Training. We also offer High School Driver's Education. We are offering rent a car for driving test.
Our mission is to give the opportunity to all to receive quality, safe, protective, and proactive driver training at the most affordable rates. We ensure that our training facilities and vehicles are cleaned and appropriately sanitized prior to and after lessons in driving.
Our class 5 diving school located in Regina is a place that provides its students with a modern and well-equipped classroom with the latest technology in multimedia. Our vehicles are maintained and secure as well. DUAL BREAKING CONTROL (BRAKE) is a preventative measure to ensure safe training. Schedules for driving can be adapted and flexible to the student's schedule. The theoretical courses are taught in small groups, which encourages individual learning and provides more significant interaction with the teacher.
Affordable, high-quality driver training. SGI Certified Class 5 Driving educator, a specialist in their field, and enthusiastic about transferring information, personal support, and a learning approach that encourages exchanges. We have skilled and effective Driving instructors for Class 5 in Regina who offer their services at flexible hours and affordable rates.
Furthermore, we train the various types of parking in very simple and easy steps, i.e., Parallel Parking as well as no-dose Parking (Mall Parking), Back-in Parking, and Angel Parking.
Expertise in the field of Class 5 Driver's Education in Regina
The courses are designed by experienced SGI Accredited 5 driving instructors. 5 driving instructors.
Our cutting-edge tools can help you on the road and beyond
Our students are sure to receive only the best and most thorough mandatory driver education offered through SGI-certified driving instructors. Let us assist you in starting your journey to safety with our safe and friendly instructors.

Why you should Trust Regina Driving School


  • We assist nervous drivers as well as those with disabilities.

  • We provide top-quality service for reasonable prices.

  • SGI Certified Class 5 Driving Educator

  • Payment options that will meet your preferences

  • Weekend in-class training

  • Free Car rental for driving test

  • We provide road tests.

  • Drop-off and pickup are free services in Regina

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