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All our driver educators are very dedicated to instruction. They are qualified and offer driving skills in a very easy way. All of our driver instructors are very talented but what makes Mr. Salah distinguish from others is that he has a professional degree in Education. He went to the University of Regina for Special Education classes. He is specialist in working with students with special needs. He trained most students with Autism, and they successfully passed Road test. Nervous students who can't learn driving skills, come to our school and Mr. Salah trained them driving skills and build up their confidence and they pass road test and become defensive drivers on the road. He has effective strategies for defensive driving skills. All driving skills become very easy when he uses those strategies. His method of parallel parking is unbelievable easy, he uses 2 step strategy for parallel parking and even new drivers can learn it within 5 minutes. 

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Testimonials //
  • The most rewarding part of Regina Professional Driving school are the happy reviews we receive from our students. If you’re wondering what it’s like to be in one of our courses, take a look at some of the testimonials below.
  • Devansh Sumeshwar ,"Since I had never driven before, Sahal's 6/6 sessions were really beneficial. After completing his classes, I feel very comfortable behind the wheel. He maintained a great level of composure and patience during the driving lessons. He teaching methods are really good. He showed me how to parallel park in just two simple steps. It only took few minutes to learn it because of how easy he made it for me. One of Regina's best driving schools.
  • Paven Patel, "I took my 6/6 class from Mr. Salah. He is very good in educating and giving all the tips of driving. He not only prepares for the exam, but he overall prepares you for the lifetime driving showing all the possible incidents and the solutions to overcome the incidents. I took my class 5 driving exam last week and I passed my exam with 0-point deduction. Absolutely happy after getting passed in my exam and getting my license.
  • My Tuyet Ho, "Salah is a wonderful instructor. He is very calm, careful and patient. He tells me everything that I need to drive a car, shows me some tricks to deal with practical situation while driving and the most important thing is that he brings me lots of confidence to control the car in the very first day of learning. Thank you very much for your support, Salah!
  • Janice Salinas, "MY friend referred me to Mr. Salah from Regina Professional driving school, I found h8m very Professional, very helpful, very easy in explaining instruction, very patient, he encourages all time making driving easy.
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